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What is GlobalTrack G200X System
->GlobalTrack system is a powerful high end vehicle tracking device

->GlobalTrack integrate vehicle tracking ,car alarm ,realtime video and analog measurement functions in one device
->Car alarm accessories include : wireless panic pad , relay pack , vibration sensor , siren ,internal battery , G-sensor etc
->GlobalTrack support third party software developer to develop server application
->GlobalTrack CDMA support CDMA2000 1xRTT 800MHZ or 3G UMTS
->GlobalTrack support Camera ,Fuel level Sensor,Temperature Sensor ,Wireless Panic Pad , Internal battery , smart features

->Build in 16MB flash memory , offer internal storage up to 35000+ history locations for download and auto resend




    GlobalTrack G200X Vehilce Tracker Hardware Features

    Radio System
    • Support gsm/gprs 850/900/1800/1900 MHZ
    • Optionally support WCDMA, UMTS , HSDPA , 3.5G network
    • Very efficient air time control to save communication cost
    • Roaming control based on home network detection to save roaming cost
    • Support send and receive SMS message during GPRS online session
    • Two way online tcp/udp connection to send and receive reliable data
    • Up to 19 input or output pins for software configuration, 6 of them offer relay high power output
    • Car inginition relay interface
    • Siren interface
    • Cental Lock Interface
    • Car Light Interface
    • Vibration sensor interface
    • 1 analog output, 4 analog input interface
    • Two serial port interface (RS232) , console port and application port ( video, RFID Reader)
    • Audio Microphone and Speaker Interface
    • Power source interface for external device
    • LED status
    • Wireless Panic Button interface
    Fuel Tank Level Reading
    • Not only gps data , GlobalTrack can send remote fuel ank level reading back to server in realtime
    • All fuel reading information geocoded with location , time , speed ( gps navigation information ) for server analysis
    • GlobalTrack can support max four fuel level tank reading one time
    • All fuel level reading can be saved in internal flash memory and send back to server without data failure
    • GlobalTrack send alarm when fuel level reading not match with milage and gps location and gps time.



    • Support RFID reader
    • GlobalTrack can send RFID tag data back to server by wireless
    • All RFID data battery backup , data delivery by GPRS without data loss
    • Very suitable for driver ID,passenger ID and goods ID application
    Internal Relay
    • Support five high power output relays inside the g200x
    • Car ignition on/off relay
    • Central lock up relay
    • Central lock down relay
    • Siren control relay
    • Car light control relay
    • All relays can offer very high powered output to trigger external car device
    • All relays can be controller over air (from remote )
    Support Two Way Voice Communication
    • Support service to client and client to server two way voice communication
    • Wireless panic one button press to start voice communication
    • Using external speaker , driver can two way voice link to server
    Geo Fence
    • Use can define multiple regions in GlobalTrack
    • Each region can map to different I/O pins to support car immobilization in different zone for car security
    • When vehicles goes in side or outside of any polygon , user setting actions can be taken automatically
    • User action include enable or disable I/O pin , send SMS or GPRS data to server
    • All the regions data are remote editable to reduce maintain cost
    Support I/O and precision analog measurement
    • Support 6 inputs , 5 relay output , 4x AD ,1xDA pins
    • Support 6 I/O input pins and 5 relay high power output output pins suitable for vehicle security systems
    • Input I/O pin can voltage range from 0V to 30V , directly interface with car electronic without extra or external circuit
    • Support 4 channel ADC( analog to digital converter ) to input analog data to server
    • 10 Bits (1024 step) precision analog voltage measurement
    • one channel 10 Bits resolution (1024 steps ) analog output support ( DAC , digital to analog converter )
    • Remote controllable of both ADC and DAC hardware function
    • AD pin can send notify to server , when voltage reading out of regular range
    Smart Car Security and Vehicle Tracking Features Send alarm when
    • car moved when car in "lock" mode
    • vibration alarm when car in locked mode
    • external power being cut off
    • wireless panic button pressed
    • tracking and immobilize car using webmap or celluar phone
    • more security features , please check car security features
    Temperature Sensor
    • Support external temperature sensor
    • Temperature sensor range up to -50C to 130C
    • Precision up to +- 0.5C
    • Water proof and support liquid temperature measurement
    • Support up to 4-8 temperature sensors used at the same time in one device
    • Temperature signal cable can as long as 20 meters
    • Widely deployed in frozen food cargo worldwide
    Layer 5 upon TCP supported
    • TCP in gprs wireless can not guarantee 100% about data delivery
    • GlobalTrack build an additional software layer upon TCP ,to ensure data delivery in wireless
    • 100% no data loss , due to radio blank spot or radio traffic
    • Data resend support and two way acknowledge between GlobalTrack and server
    • resend indication in GlobalTrack command , support to analysis radio blank spot region
    Support GPRS modem sharing
    • GlobalTrack build in GPRS/WCDMA modem can be share with external device by RS232
    • GlobalTrack support additional 2 RS232 to integrate with external device
    • Not only for GPS tracking but also support wireless data communication customize by user
    • Muti tasking OS, support both GPS and external device data sending at the same time withoutdata loss
    Flexible GPS Sending
    • Send by fixed or dynamic time interval
    • Send by distance GlobalTrack travels
    • Send by I/O or ADC status change
    • Send by over speed alarm
    • Send by user polling
    • Support Geo Fencing , send by into or out of some map regions , user programmable
    GPS Track Recording and Resending
    • Build in16MB large flash memory to store data when out of gprs radio coverage , data log more than 35000 points
    • Automatically resend data when goes into GPRS coverage
    • No data lost due to radio coverage problem
    • Track remote download supported
    • no data lost due to power failure
    Radio signal level detection and power source voltage detection
    • Send gsm radio singal level ( or signal strength ) from G200L to sever
    • Send internal battery voltage from G200L to server
    • Send external power source voltage to server
    • External Power Low Alarm
    • All parameters can be displayed in LCD
    Air Time Control
    • G200L offer many features to support air time control
    • user can disbale gprs mode when roaming , change to online mode when back to home network to save communication cost regarding roaming network
    • Store histroy data in internal flash and resend out when in gprs hom network
    • Adjustable parapmeters in protocol to send only required data
    • Support Polling only mode without auto send
    High Senstivity Motion Sensor support
    • It can detect car motion or stop status ( engine on or off , without connect wire to car ignition)
    • Automatic send car start or stop event depends on motion sensor status
    • Support device power on / power off function by motion status to save power consumption abd battery life
    • When vehicle in stop status , internal motion sensor can power off gps an gsm modem to save power consumption and air traffic
    • When vehicle in moving , internal motion sensor can power on hardware to continue work
    • More internal control logic depends on motion sensor status
    • GPS Map +Live Video Image , bring vehicle tracking system to a high stage application
    • Support real time Live Video Image send back to server
    • High quality image up to 640x480 true color image resolution
    • JPEG image compression
    • Real time OS design to let image sending with GPS sending at the same time
    • Use TCP reliable data transmission to send live video image in wireless
    • System support multiple client to send Image at the same time
    Intenal GPS distance meter
    • Support GPS based distance meter , keep the reading value in flash memory
    • Compare to wheel distance of vehicle can audit fuel usage
    • Reset / get meter reading from remote
    • Meter data read only protection
    • Compact small size 165Lx98Hx 32 thickness mm, include housing
    • Weight 250 gram
    • Easy to install and rock solid
    Web Service Enabled & Remote Control
    • Integrated with user's webmap system all parameters remote editable
    • Support remote control download setting, send/receive commands from webGlobalTrack Desktop , Non Web Solution also supported
    • Open protocol for third party software developer
    Alarm Function
      Send alarm when ( must work with wireless panic button )
    • car moved when car in "lock" mode
    • vibration detected when car in locked mode
    • external power being cut off
    • wireless panic button pressed
    • tracking and immobilize car using webmap or celluar phone
    • more security features , please check car security features
    Battery Operation Support
    • Very low power design , GPS and Modem can be turn off or turn on from remote to save power
    • Support auto battery charge circuit from external power source
    • Send alarm when external power source cut off
    • Over charge protection
    • Over 10 hours contunous working time ( tested on GPRS ,send each 30 sec )
    • Working with motion sensor can extend the working tim over 24 hours , depends on vehicle moving time
    • External Power off alarm by GPRS or by SMS
    • Build in battery charger to support auto battery charge when external power recover
    • The internal battery very easy to change , easy to install backup battery to offer more power by changing battery
    Flexible GPS sending algorithm supported
    • Send by fixed or dynamic time interval
    • Send by distance GlobalTrack travels
    • Send by I/O or ADC status change
    • Send by over speed alarm
    • Send by user polling
    • Support Geo Fencing , send by goes into or out of some map regions , user programmable
    Wireless Panic Button Pad & Siren
    • Support 4 button wireless pad
    • Lock car , unlock car , panic alarm , start voice with base station
    GSM/GPRS Dual Mode in one unit / Air time Traffic Control
    • GlobalTrack can auto switch between GSM and GPRS mode ,based on GPRS radio coverage
    • Support GSM Data / GSM SMS /GSM Voice ->Support GPRS on demand , remote configure GlobalTrack into GPRS online mode
    • Suitable for worldwide countries without GPRS operator
    Strong TCP/IP IP based Internet Support
    • Support TCP protocol offering reliable data communications
    • Support UDP protocol offering large quantities of vehicle installations in one server
    • Each GlobalTrack can connect to multiple server the same time , multiple sockets support
    • Integrate with user device to send data using GPRS or 3G CDMA networks
    • GlobalTrack protocol can be purchased for customer to develop its own compatible system
    • ASCII based text protocol , easy to understand and troubleshooting
    Adjustable Shock Sensor/Vibration Sensor
    • Detect small vibration of car movement
    • Send alarm when car being touched or moved
    • adjustable senstivity
    GSM/GPRS radio signal level detection and power source voltage detection
    • Send gsm radio singal level ( or signal strength ) from g200x to sever
    • Send internval battery voltage from g200x to server
    • Send external power source voltage to server
    • External Power Low Alarm
    • Internal battery
    • Fuel Level Sensor
    • RFID Reader & RFID Tag
    • G sensor for acceleration and poistion measurement ( X-Y-Z 3 axis )
    • Wireless panic button
    • Fuel Level Sensor
    • Internal Battery
    • Barcode scanner / Card Reader ->Siren
    • Vibration sensor /Shock Sensor
    • GT-CAM : GPS+ Video Support ->Motion Sensor
    • External Temperature Sensor
    • Server Side GM500 GSM Modem ( support GSM & SMS )

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Designed and Developed By : Smart Card India

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