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Human Resource and Payroll Management System

SCI HRMS understands just how critical it is for a company to have an integrated system for payroll and personnel administration. Which is why, we have the SCI HRMS. It offers you the opportunity to manage your own human resources smoothly and effortlessly.

Objectives and Advantages

The system consists of five major functions:

  •     Payroll

  •     Daily attendance recording system manual input or automatic link through online time attendance  system.

  •     Employee requirements and recruitment.

  •     Maintenance of personnel records.

  •     MIS Reports.


The HRMS Edge: Features and Highlights.

 ·        Generates the pay slip for the employees as well as the pay register, taking into account the various earnings, deductions and attendance record of the employee.
        There is no limitation regarding the earnings and deductions that one employee may have.
        Dependent earnings and deductions on the basis of complex formulae can be specified to suit virtually every business condition.
        Generation of various statutory records of the company like provident fund, employees’ state insurance, professional tax, etc.
        The parametric system architecture allows easy updation of the rates of various statutory calculations as well as having provisions for deducting template rates.
        Provision for updating arrear salary.
        Provision for entering loan information including calculation of monthly EMI and separate posting principal and interest figure in salary.



The system provides complete payroll for a corporate organization for calculation of paydays, leaves, absent, earnings and deduction for employees.


Multi Company and branch settings:



·                                            Unit Master

·                                            Skill Master

·                                            Category Master

·                                            Department Master

·                                            Section Master

·                                            Grade Master

·                                            Designation Master

·                                            Community Master

·                                            Religion Master

·                                            Employee Master

·                                            Resume Master

·                                            Bank Master

·                                            Group Master

·                                            Holiday Master

·                                            Week/Fortnight/month date Master

·                                            Leave Definition master leave opening Master




The Daily attendance recording system keeps a track of the shift roster of factories. IT is also

Captures the record of employees ‘ daily attendance . this data can also be uploaded from an online time attendance system so as to ensure that the daily timings of employees need not be recorded manually.


This system then generates a monthly attendance register for each employee offering easy access to information regarding days present, days absent and days on leave.


This system also gives a list of employee- wise late records. It can also update the integrated payroll system with rules regarding late attendance.


Monthly Transaction:

·        Monthly attendance

·        Leave calculations

·        Overtime calculations



Employees required for various departments and sections are recorded . A chart regarding shortfall in work force can be generated for various skills in the company.


At the time of recruitment, the bio data of employees suitable for various department and sections can be recorded. This then generates the database of potential employees who could be available at a future date when the need arises. This database maintains the records of only those employees who have deemed suitable after a personal screening. This ensures that unnecessary resumes are not added to the database.

After the interview, an advice is generated from the computer. The offer letter can also be generated . this enables an organization to track the process of interview handling and management.


Maintenance of personal records highlights:


This module takes care of the transfer of an employee from one department to another or from one category (like temporary or probation) to another (for instance, permanent). This module also tracks the increments given to an employee from time to time. The company requires these records at the time of yearly appraisal.


It is also possible to track an employee s records regarding his PF and ESI entitlement, as well as maintain his advance. Leave and loan records.


Leave records especially like casual leave, sick leave are all parameterized and all information regarding this can be provided. This enables the organization to calculate leave. Encashments , leave balance , leave getting lapsed and leave to be carried forward.

Besides this , various evaluations details (like appraisal) are also kept in this system. Which are required at times such as probation, yearly increments as wellas other times when specific employee information is necessary.




This module covers creates various reports like monthly salary register , pay slip, department  wise salary register , earning and deduction register , tax deducted register, advance deducted and balance register , leave register and other statutory reports.




·        Pay slips

·        Overtime slips

·        Monthly salary register

·        Deduction register

·        Department wise head count register

·        Yearly salary register

·        Statutory reports & Forms

Payroll System Function:

·        Creation of setup in which earning and deduction are defined

·        Creation of department, designations, grades, scales of pay.

·        Creation of the employee, specifying his earnings and deduction parameters.

·        Specifying the attendance information of employees monthly.

·        Updating the month specific deductions like advance, etc.

·        Printing pay slips for the employees.

·        Printing advance and loan records of the employees.

·        Updating the monthly accounts file with  the salaries payable figures.


  • Payroll rate structure

  • Deduction and earning.

  • Salary Calculation.

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