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Hospital Management System

Remember the last time you or a loved one had to be admitted to a hospital ?

Remember the frustrating delay in admissions while you answered questions you had already answered for your doctor ?

Did you ever wonder what could happen if you accidentally gave a wrong answer or forgot something important because you were stressed ?

For these, and many other situations, the new Health Card is a smart, convenient and affordable solution. The Health Card is a credit card-sized plastic smart card containing concise medical history, current medications, allergies, the names and telephone numbers of family or friends, and other information necessary for medical treatment decisions.

By inserting the card into a card reader , the data contained is displayed on the computer screen in an ambulance, emergency department, Doctor's office, pharmacy, outpatient surgical facility, or home health care agency, etc. The contents of the card can be  easily printed to paper.



  • A Health passport for Patients

  • Integration of diverse clusters & automatic   recording of health services on one card

  • Super efficient & streamlined hospital  administration

  • Total privacy and security


  • Web enabled

The Medical Details stored in the Card Are

  • Allergies

  • Immunization

  • Medications & Diagnose

  • Health care provide

  • Surgery, Hospitalization & Diagnose

  • Policy No, Insurance Company name, 

  • Insured Sum, Insured date & validity date


  • Convenience of services

  • Shorter waiting periods, quicker response time

  • No human error element

  • Distributed database

  • No patient interaction need, treatment can start

  • immediately in case of emergencies

  • Remote access to services through card

  • Total financial transactions possible on card

  • All health details centralized in one location

  • Easy access to all health services

  • Details stored department-wise, patient-wise

  • Easy access of patient information at each usage

  • Point

This product can be tailored according to the client’s requirement

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