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Smart Card based Health Card

 To Provide the most efficient and effective solution to automate the process of issuance of smartcard


Medical Health Card


My Health Card

Key Benefits of Health Card

  • *      Maintains Patientís Medical History

  • *      Easy to retrieve the patientís information

  • *      Contains laboratory results and operation details, which can be viewed by the Physician at any time

  • *      Medical history details like personal information, hypersensitive drugs and allergic information can be stored

Key Benefits of Health Card

  • *      Insurance details can also be stored into the card

  • *      Provides authentic, accurate and up-to-date medical history of a patient to the Physicians

  • *      Helps physicians, pharmacists and patients to track medications

  • *      Can be customized to the requirement

Key Benefits of Health Card

  • *      Provide vital information in emergencies furnish a powerful medium for advertising healthcare services

  • *      Reduces paper work

  • *      Convenience of Use

  • *      USP to Hospital, Nursing Homes, Medical & Diagnostic Centres

Core Features of Health Card

  • *      Information in the card is password protected-only Physicians can alter records

  • *      Stored Data is secured against Encryption keys and without providing proper key, the data cannot be modified

  • *      Offer enhanced security, convenience and economic benefits

Core Features of Health Card

  • *      No expertise required to handle the operations

  • *      Built-in Data Compression for enhanced Data storage

  • *      Reports can be generated in less time

  • *      The card confirms to ISO 7816 standard

  • *      Transactions can be done offline

  • *      Highly reliable and durable medium

We can customized the solution
to suit your requirements.

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