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E-TICKETING SYSTEM OR ELECTRONIC is a secure and fast medium for collection and disbursement of tickets for mass transaction in transport, stadium amusement park, fairs and sports arena with minimum human intervention .a complete automated process integrated with smart card /magnetic strip /barcode based tickets provides a cashless ticket issuance, records for the issuance, serialized computerized data and MIS t a click for the button in user defined formats.

The system with GUI driven touch screen/PC based ticket vending can be used by common man ad fraud proof secure tickets are printed online. The system networked together with multiple issuance points and verification gates /turnstiles will help in nine collections of data at one centralized data server with complete automation of ticket revenue collection management system for the customer.

E-ticketing is no longer a dream of the future new technologies are knocking on the door. Worldwide organizations are working intensively on the future of the electronic ticket. With e ticket is stored on chip card or smart card or magnetic strip or barcode .These secure ticket are specifically designed to suit customer requirements and new additional applications can be added to the system . Ticket vending machines can also be installed at convenient locations to allow cashless payment: on longer run e ticketing systems are convenient, considerably cheaper and far more customer friendly with complete online recording of transactions for accounting.

The Solution:

An e ticket is issued containing details for type of ticket i.e. one time use or multiple use , also details can be provided as usage of same ticket at multiple locations or single location.
Multiple ticket vending machines/ticket issuance counters can be installed at various locations as per requirement. Incase of bar coded e-ticket, the visual will contain barcode with date /time/place. Mart card based e-ticket will have data encrypted into the chip directly. 
The ticket vending machine /ticket issuance counter will have its own storage memory and store the complete transaction to download to a centralized data server. In built battery backup in vending machine will provide power in the night and the system will be programmed for auto shutdown and switch on at designated time period. Paper based barcode tickets are secure tickets with encrypted data in the barcode. Optional handheld verification terminals can be provided to the inspectors. On show of the ticket to the handheld terminal the LCD display on the terminal will display the validity of the ticket. 

All ticket vending machines will be networked and can pool data to centralized server online or at regular intervals, keeping the complete network up to date and privilege of generating online reports in user defined formats at any point of time. Additional revenue can be generated by customer by selling the advertisement rights on the body for the ticket vending machine, backside of the e-tickets which will help customer break- even of the investment in no time.

Product Standard

The product can be used in the above solution are worldwide tested products ad components with compliance to EMV. ISO certifications.

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