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What is RFId TAGS /labels

An RFID System Radio frequency identification system has a transponder and a reader /write unit. Both have internal intelligence and an antenna, which receives, sends and stores data. The read write unit sends out a signal causing the transponder to respond and transfer its own signal is decoded in the read/write unit is sent to a selected control unit (e.g. host computer). The read distance of common RFID Systems (passive systems without battery) is typically I meter (between 3-4 feet)


1198 TI and PSC combine their expertise in technologies to develop and ISO standard (Iso 15693) backwards compatibility supported. ISO 15693 products are on the market now and have been available in large volumes since the beginning of 2002.


Typical Applications are

Parcel Distribution  Airline baggage
 Manufacturing Mass transit
Textile distribution Document tracking
Warehouse Process control
Automated storing Access control
Protection against fraud Library management
Dairy management  

Case study of Document management

 Under general conditions documents are pinned, attached, clipped to files and stored in shelves and almirahs for future references. Imagine the situation when the file tend to hold papers and number of files in due course of time keeps increasing and retrieval of document of importance becomes a tedious and time consuming process. . Further these documents and files do not have a computerized index or record of storage hence total system can be at disarray at some point of time.

The Solution

The new technology enables a high degree in process automation compared to today’s manual system, which increases speed, efficiency, accuracy and saving valuable manpower and revenue. RF-ID Tags are created for the files with their unique file no, date of creation, contents and place of storage details located in the encrypted forming memory of the tag. Details also fed for visual checks. The tags are pasted on the files with a reliable adhesive for longer life. Individual tags can also be attached to important documents for individual search. The complete details are automatically stored in the centralized server with customized software available for online query, updatation and MIS generation from time to time. In the process of retrieval of the document keeper looks for the particular document In his computer and immediate query is generated from the huge database of the documents and data received and transmitted to the handheld terminal provided. The document keeper scans the document in the storage area and automatically when the particular document tags comes in read distance of the handheld reader the beeps with display on it screen to imitate the document keeper of the document location. The whole process is not only time saving but also automates the process of storing valuable and important documents with complete computerized database with RFID document tracking management system.


RFID Technology at its peak, with the greatest number of features and advantages, which enable new innovation to be realized. it can be attached to almost any object and can be in any shape or size and offers the unique ability to virtually find “A NEEDLE IN A HAYSTACK” 

RF-ID superior sets of features making it truly intelligent labels are:

  • NO line of sight necessary

  • Re programmable memory

  • Simultaneous identification

  • Designed for cost effective Mass production

  • To bring maximum benefits and profitability.

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