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Advanced Cylinder Tracking
Radio Frequency Identification

Cylinder Tracking System - Concept

            Cylinder tracking system is a fully automated solution to keep track of the cylinders using RFID technology in an easy manner

            Advanced Cylinder Tracking –Process

Each Cylinder is tagged with a RFID tag

RFID Tags contains

n      Cylinder Serial No.

n      Weight

n      Date

While loading, the data about the cylinder is automatically captured by the system

Details about the shipment are entered

Cylinder return details are captured automatically

Advanced Cylinder Tracking –Process

n      System calculates the rentals and costs automatically

n      System keeps track of the cylinder counts, lost cylinder and damaged ones

n      Movement of the cylinders at any point of time can be done using handheld readers

n      Cylinders can be tracked on your dock, at a customer site, at fill plants, at testing facilities, or at other distributors

Advanced Cylinder Tracking - Working


n      RFID tags are resistant to harsh environments.

n      Tamper -proof and invisible product marking.

n      Automatic data capture eliminates errors and helps to identify failure causes.

n      Simultaneous reading of several labels (anti collision).

n      Proper inventory management.

n      Cylinders can be tracked easily.


n      Reduces paper work.

n      No errors in cylinder rental billing.

n      Customer satisfaction.

n      Improves customer relationship.

n      Exhaustive MIS reports.

n      Eliminates/reduces cylinder loses.


Advanced Cylinder Tracking System provides excellent process control, cylinder management automated tracking with less errors thereby increasing efficiency in the overall functioning of the system


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