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::  Asset Management System

::  Bio-metric Multidoor Access Control System

::  Club Management System

::  Document Tracking through RFID

::  EAS Tracking and Tagging

::  e-Ticketing System  

::  e-Shopping / e-purse / close community system

::  Hospital Management System

::  Car Rental System

::  Jewel Manager

::  Human Resource and Payroll Management System

::  Inventory Billing and Loyality
::  Excise Manager
::  Library Management System
::  Loyalty Management System
::  Reusable Wrist band System
::  Vehicle Tracking System
::  Visitor Management System
::  CRM
::  Health Card
::  Cylinder Tracking System
::  Cargo Management System
::  On Demand Customized Softwares


A complete module for member management system for the club containing the following features:

  • Member Personal Details

  • Member Photograph [scanned image stored in the database]

  • Member Official Details

  • Other relevant details of the member as required by the club

  • Member management of database fields for automatic categorization

  • Linking of member to any plastic card if available

  • Setting of Credit Limits

  • Optional feature for add-on like loyalty scheme, special offers etc.

  • Automatic generation of greetings for birthday, anniversary, festival occasions.

  • MIS Reports

  • Multi Company Support

  • Conversion of Transactions data to Database, Manual Attendance

  • Multi Shift operation, Shift Rotation based on user defined patterns

  • Manual Shift allocations & Shift Exception handling

  • Unlimited Leave Groups with unlimited leave types

  • Variable Leave Allowance, Provision for leave Earnings & Adjustments

  • Holiday Master, Shift Allocation based Holiday Groups

  • Overtime Sanction Computation & Validation.

  • Tour/Site Duty, User defined Late Rules with respect to time & occurrence



Periodic Weekly/Monthly/Defined Period


Leave Ledgers


Data Creation for Payroll

HRM Human Resources Management

Payroll management system for generation of Pay slips and statutory reports on monthly and yearly basis.The inventory asset management system takes records the assets of the club and keeps track of their cost, usage, depreciation, up-2-date book value and issuance details.

 The main modules of the system are:

*       Asset Master Containing description of the asset, unique identification code, group classification,             supplier details, purchase value, depreciation percentage, nature of use within the club and other relevant details as required.

*       Asset Manager Containing asset allocation, from and to period [incase of removable asset], up to date             issuance history, last issue details

*       Asset Value Master Purchase Date, Supplier Information, Installation Date, Cost Breakup, Present Value,             Depreciation earned till date on asset

*       Asset Analysis Asset-Wise, Issuance Location-Wise, Usage-Wise

*       Asset Sales Sale Invoicing for asset sale, automatic book value calculation

*       Reports [All reports can be generated From-To Date on Individual Asset or Group/Supplier Wise/Issuance            Location-Wise/Depreciation]


Purchase and Sales Quantity with or without value

            Depreciation Register

            Location Register

            Supplier Register

            Valuation Register 

The MMS can be divided into the following modules:

*                  Masters

*                  Purchase

*                  Good Receive

*                  Inventory/Stores

*                  Cost Centers

*                  Bill Passing and Payment Requisition

*                  Reporting



This module creates list of all Suppliers, Items, Facility Center/Departments, Cost Centers, Logics & Relation settings.


  • This module is linked to masters for supplier and item details. The main features of this module are:

  • *       Indent Creation

  • *       Purchase Order Generation

  • *       Purchase Order Status Manager

  • *       Cash/Adhoc Purchases

  • *       Optional Tendering System with Analysis for LI/L2/L3

  • *       Contract Creation

  • *       Reports

  • *       Stock Statement

  • *       Re-Order Level Check

  • *       Budgeting and Inflation Analysis

  • *       Supplier History and Performance

  • *       Pending Orders

Good Receiving Module

  • This module is related to Purchase module to cross-check receipt of ordered materials from supplier for accurate and timely supplies. The main features of this module are:

  •       *       GRN Creation for Good received against Purchase Order.

  • *       GRN Creation of Excess/Short or No Order Good.

  • *       Rejections

  • *       Reports

  •             GRN Register [Daily/Weekly/Monthly/yearly/For a defined period]

  •             Short/Less/Reject/No Order Register

  •             Pending Materials against Purchase Order with scheduled delivery time

  • Inventory/Stores Module


Issuance and return of stocks from the various facility center, departments within the club and maintain the required inventory for day-2-day working, audits stock details with difference in physical and book stock. The main features of this module are:

    • Material Issue against requisition

    • Return Receipt from Facility/Department

    • Indent Creation on Re-Order Level Check

    • Indent on other requirements

    • Reports

    • Daily Stock Statement

    • Stock Registers

    • [Daily/Weekly/Monthly/yearly/ defined period]

    • Stock Group Register

    • [Daily/Weekly/Monthly/yearly/For a defined period]

    • Re-Order Level check and auto indent generated register

    • Daily Issue Register [General/Facility/Department]

    • Pending Requisitions

    • Pending Purchase Order

    • Item Flow Register

    • ABC Report

    • Indent to PO Register

    • Reject/Spoilt and Adjustment Register

Bill Passing and Request for Payment

This module is part of Inventory/Stores to process bills received from suppliers for payment to account to department. This module validates the Purchase Order issued, Date of Delivery as defined, Good Receipt Notes, Item Details & Qty, Rate & Taxes and reports if there is any discrepancy, and the user has option to override on authorization to process bill for payment.

Room/Banquet/Hall Management System

All club have facilities to suit various occasions, the above mentioned premises are reserved by members as required and is one of a large source of revenue to club. Proper system is required to monitor day-2-day operations of the same. Our system provides a flexible module for the same containing

  • *       Room/Hall/Banquet Reservation

  • *       Billing

  • *       Reports

  • Room/Hall/Banquet Reservation

  • The system comprises of the following

  • *       Availability Status

  • *       Room Type

  • *       Provisional & Confirmed Reservation

  • *       Booking Details Member-wise

  • *       Special Instructions/Request/Discount if any

  • *       Cancellation/Amendments

  • *       Guest Information

  • *       Payment Mode


This module creates billing for the member/guest on occupancy basis for the tariff and purchases made at the club. A single bill is created at the check-out with optional detailed statement. Main features are

Single Combined Billing for all purchases

  • *       Room/Group Check-Out

  • *       Room Transfer

  • *      Individual Check-Out

  • *       Bill Transfer

  • *       Reports

  •             Room Availability Status

  •             Collection Statement [Day/week/Month/Yearly/From & to Defined]

  •             Room Sales

  •             Internal/Staff booking and sales

  •             Transfer

  •             Sales Register with bill status

  •             Tax Register

  •             Revenue Register


This module helps in logging calls made by member/guests for billing. Incase the available epabx software is compatible for integration the date can be automatically transferred to the billing system for calls made from facility center/rooms. Manual Entry is also available to log for calls made.

The Entrance operational infrastructure will consist of one PC/POS, one Smart Card Terminal fitted and one printer. Figure 1 below shows the infrastructure setup at the entrance of the club. The PC/POS will be loaded with Application module and a Smart Card Terminal will be connected to it. The PC/POS will in turn be networked to the central server.  Each member / dependent at the entrance of the club will present the Smart card at the entrance to register their attendance and to authenticate themselves.

 The official in charge at the entrance will insert the Smart card into the Smart card terminal connected to the PC/POS. The PC/POS will display the member details along with the family photo of the member, which will help the official in recognizing the persons accompanying the member.

 In case of the members being accompanied with their guest the total number of guest accompanying will be entered in the PC/POS at the entrance.

 The software will charge the member with the appropriate guest fees charges.

 Automatic Gates can also be installed which on verification of member will automatically open to allow entrance.

 The Club can make it mandatory for the members to show their cards soon after their arrival to the Club.

 The software system otherwise will not accept the Card at any of the facilities inside the Club.

 The facility operational infrastructure will consist of one PC/POS. The PC/POS will be loaded with Application module and networked to the central server.

When a member places the order to the stewards / bartenders present at the restaurant / bar, the list of items will be entered into the KOT / BOT present with the stewards / bartenders. The steward / bartenders need to present the same at the POS counter where in a temporary bill is generated. This temporary bill is to be given to the member while serving the ordered items. This procedure is to be followed each time an order is placed by the member. When the member has completed the food the stewards / bartenders takes the members Smart card and present the same at the POS counter. The final bill be generated on available billing option [debit/credit] the final bill will be returned back to the member for his signature or for debiting the card for making the payment for the transaction by e-purse [optional]

Features like happy hours, free schemes, etc. are standard features in the system.

Cash transactions are also done through the same software in the PoS.


Day End Sales            Cash/Credit Sales      User Wise Sales Analysis     Item Summarized Sales

 The Office operational infrastructure will consist of one PC loaded with Application module and networked to the central server.

 The system located in the office will enable the club to perform the following tasks

  • *       Monthly Credit Billing and Collection

  • *       Membership revenue

  • *       Fine & Penalty Calculation and Collection

  • *       Member Queries

  • *       Duplicate Billing Issuance

  • *       Any information required

 The critical part of any software is defining and planning administrative and user rights to individual working on the system. Our system provides a user friendly screen interface to define USERS, ACCESS RIGHTS, REPORT GENERATION and CRITICAL ACCESS TO DATA on the system to authorized personals only.

SMART e-Purse features

The Smart Card based system application software enables simple administration of the smart card's electronic purse. The member details are easily maintained on the system with the ability to add a member onto the system, edit an existing member's information and delete a member from the system. Members are maintained in categories among other things, the category determines the credit limit and access privileges for the member. Clicking one button will initialize a Smart card for a member. If lost, a Smart card can be hot listed. A new card can be issued by clicking a button and the member's current balance will be automatically transferred. Funds can be added or removed from the card by simply showing the card to the reader Clicking on  transaction type (Credit, Debit) Entering an amount Clicking "Write to Card". A statement can be printed detailing the member's purchase history. Transactions can be listed in detail or summary format by date and location. This software can be in integrated with the existing system

Smart Card System Features

1) Members / Dependents I.D. with photograph

2) Pre-payment for cashless spending or E-Purse

3) Charges incurred by Members at the various facilities written in the card

4) Easy to follow Windows based software

5) Menu driven stand-alone Smart card terminal software

6) The above separate transactions are collated into a member profile. The Club can build up purchasing / usage profiles of what, and when a member buys / uses, irrespective of the fact that the purchases / usages were made in numerous different facilities.

The one card operates everything needed for the smooth operation of the club, streamlining its administration, accounting and management tasks.

KIOSK at strategic location (OPTIONAL)

A KIOSK connected with a Smart card terminal can be placed at a strategic location in the club wherein the member will be able to view their details in the smart card and also view their billing information. The KIOSK can also display various schedules of the events the club is organizing based on which the Member can enter the number of guests accompanying them.

When the member wishes to see their information the member needs to show their card to the card terminal connected to the KIOSK. The member will be prompted to enter their PIN. Based on the authentication of the PIN the member will be able to view their information and also the club information (events, meetings, elections etc)

 Handheld Smart Card Terminals (OPTIONAL)

 Handheld Smart Card Reader/Writer can also be provided at various input points that can download data to the host PC from time to time.

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