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 Cargo Management


  • Q     Complete online solution for management of outward cargo by agent and its authorized partners.

  • Q     Generation of entry through valid master record and automatic calculations

  • Q     MIS Reporting and Billing


  • Q     Consigner

  • Q     Consignee

  • Q     Agent

  • Q     Destination

  • Q     Airway Bill

  • Q     Sales Personal

  • Q     Origin Country/City

  • Q     Destination Country/Origin

  • Q     Area

  • Q     IATA Code

  • Q     Accounting Code

  • Q     Carrier 1/2/3/4

  • Q     Transit 1/2/3

  • Q     Billing Type [Prepaid/Collect]

  • Q     Handling

  • Q     Rate

  • Q     Product Type/Commodity

  • Q     Clearing Agent

  • Q     Freight Charges

  • Q     Valuation Charges

  • Q     AWB Fees



Airway Bill No.                                               Date of Issue

Week Number                                                Sales Personal

Consignor                                           Consignee

Agent Code                                        Account No.

Origin                                                  Destination

Carrier 1/2/3/4                                                Transit 1/2/3/4

Declared Value                                              Handling Information

No. of Pieces                                      Gross Weight in Kgs

Nett. Weight in Kgs                           Chargeable Weight in Kgs

Rate                                                    Calculation of Total Charges

Calculation of Total Charges due to Agent  Total Prepaid Due to Carrier

Total Collect Due Carrier                             Agent Commission

SPC Rate INR                                               SPC Amount

Remarks                                                         Net Revenue             

Proportion                                           Yield

Optional Integration with Barcode for easy capture and verification


  • Daily

  •             Day-wise Airway Bill Issuance

  •             Day-wise Customer/Agent Booking

  •             Carrier Wise Reporting

  •             Sales Personal

  •             Revenue Register

  • Monthly/Periodical [From & To Date]

  •             Airway Bill Issuance

  •             Customer/Agent Booking

  •             Carrier Wise Reporting

  •             Sales Personal

  •             Revenue Register

  • Billing

  •             Customer/Agent Billing on defined period

  •             Sales Register

  •             Cash Sales/Credit Sales

  •             Outstandings

  •             Reminder Letter

  • System  Requirements

  • Computer

            Celeron/PIV based PC with minimum 256 MB Ram and 80 GB HDD


            Inkjet A4 or 80 col Dot Matrix


            Minimum 30 Mins Backup

Operating System

            Windows 98 or Windows 2000 with MS Office 200

Why Us…

    Strong Domain Knowledge

    Experts at work

    Customer oriented approach

    Value for money services and solutions

    Our objective is to partner in your success 

Core Expertise

  •                    Development Expertise

  • *       Microsoft Windows 9x/2000/NT

  • *       Microsoft Visual Studio

  • *       Oracle

  • *       MS-SQL Server

  • *       Linux

  • *       C

The Team

A well knit small team of developers with expertise in their respective fields for integration of hardware to applications suitable for Indian environment.

Research & Development

On its formation, SCI  Systems initial time was focused on R&D on various emerging technology product & applications available world-wide.

Keeping in consideration the price sensitive markets, proper use of technology and application to support the requirement of the customer, BASE developed applications on latest emerging technology products with options for upward scalability

The applications were soft-launched in different parts of the country for customer feed-back and response.

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