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Ever since the first electronic article surveillance device was installed in retail setting 30 years ago retail security technology has played an important role in store applications. With inventory shrinkage costing organizations hundreds of millions of rupees each year, organization have increasingly turned to technology such as EAS or tagging system and video surveillance to control theft and inventory management system.

As have grown so has the technology. The first somewhat large anti theft tags have evolved into today’s wafer like labels that’s can be attached or inserted in to variety of items. As EAS technology has become more sophisticated, organizations now have much more flexibility with their systems, with the promise of much more innovations to come. For manufacturers & retailers, the potentials applications and benefits of RFID technology are far reaching. Systems enable companies to protect and manage their assets more efficiently through identifying and monitoring movements, providing significant enhancements to inventory control and management, Successful integration of such system into day today working is fast becoming a necessity to manage inventory and reduce overheads.

Organizations also stand to benefit from the efficiencies that RFID have brought to access control systems and to automation of traditional more cumbersome time and attendance systems well-established applications in many other industries. RFID personnel identification can be further extended to restrict and control access to tills, overcoming the loopholes inherent in traditional password protection and drawer locks. With tags on products, inventory counting and stocktaking and marking, stock down will become faster and more accurate. More detailed and up to date product information reduces the risk and costs associated with out of stocks and obsolescence. Receiving bays, automated counting results in more efficient checking.

Significant benefits stand to be had in the automation of returns. Ultimately, the concept of Self Checkout stands to become a reality, when readers at the till will identify the contents.

The proposed Solution

The common problem faced inventory management and asset tracking. We propose to automate both through ONE RF-ID SMART TAG for ease of working. 

All the products are tagged with RFID Smart Tags . the storage capacity of the tag will be of 56/ bytes tat are reusable , the electronic data to be stored in the tag is the product code, product details , issuance details and other required information. As the antenna and the chip is concealed inside the tag not visible the visual area can be printed with the customer logo or any visuals desired by the customer.

The tags can further be reprogrammed for reuse. The whole process on automation drastically brings down the time consumed in issue and receipt by cutting down manual processes of verifying the contents , further it also minimizes the possibility of human error intentional or unintentional and automates the complete asset management process making online availability of data to various departments for better control and MIS generation for he management. 

The process can be fine tuned to suit the requirement of the customer on system study of his work environment and present problems faced in his working environment for better control and management which will lead to overall efficiency and increasing in revenue.


The specifications “Smart RFID TAGS “are as follows.

 Recommended operating frequency

13.56 MHz

Factory programmed only number

32 or 64 bits ID

Memory –user programmable

256 or 384 bits

Typical programming Cycle


Antenna size

45*45 mm or 45*76 mm


i-code and tag-it

Anti collision

30 tags /second or 50 tags /second

Operating Distance

0.6 –1.0 m depending specification

Inlay base material

Subs-PET and antenna -copper


  • The tag is factory programmed tags used for products tracking, tamper proof and invisible product marking, automatic data capture, faster data collection, increased data transparency, anti pilferage.

  • The tags can be attached or stuck on the product for any or multiple use of the above mentioned applications.

  • The contact less reading of these tags makes it efficient by reduction in labor and paperwork.

  • No line of sight necessary.

  • Re-programmable memory.

  • Simultaneous identification.

  • Designed for cost effectiveness.

  • TO bring maximum benefits and profitability.


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