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Biometric Door Locking System

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Fingerprint Access Controller is the state of the art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and user's convenience. Designed and manufactured with the sensor and algorithm developed by  superior biometric technology , it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint recognition rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also if using server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control System and Time and Attendance Management of enterprise level.

Key Features

  • Suitable for diverse applications through high speed network (LAN)

  • Suitable for Time & Attendance management by supporting functional keys (attendance, going out, return)

  • Strengthening user's setting (ID digits, voice information, sensor option, operation mode etc.)

  • Improving user's convenience by Auto-on, short ID, Group matching function

  • Supports various security type by the combination of authentication methods (fingerprint, password, RF Card )



  • IBS Building

  • Bank and Financial institutes

  • Factory

  • Hotel

  • Laboratories & Computer center

  • Time & Attendance Application

Robust feature rich Time attendance recorder & Access Controller with TCP/IP

TimeScan v1000 is a feature rich standalone, robust, cost effective, fingerprint recognition based Time attendance recorder and Access controller. It is suitable for medium and large offices, branch, factory or site. TimeScan is ready to use, easy to install device. TimeScan support advanced and fast TCP/IP LAN networking and plugs directly into network HUB/Switch.

TimeScan has its own IP address and can communicate with central server anywhere in the network. It can be accessed from web also in case Fixed IP address is allocated. It can register, store, match fingerprints and send transaction log records to the central server. In case server is not available it can backup logs in its memory.

TimeScan is available in three versions with 1000, 2000 and 4000 fingerprints respectively. It comes with free server software which can manage hundreds of TimeScan units in the network

  • Security with advanced fingerprint minutiae matching

  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical
    fingerprint scanner.

  • Supports greasy, oily, wet, smeared and even stained

  • Fast and Perfect Identification through excellent Algorithm.

  • Eliminates proxy punching.

  • TCP/IP Ethernet networking

  • Optional Accessories : Door exit switch, Door sensor, EM Lock, Electric strike

Fingerprint Recognition

Designed and produced using outstanding fingerprint recognition technology NAC2500 fingerprint recognition Access control system is capable of speedy and accurate authentication of fingerprint data.
With this product have we made it possible for you to build a more improved and efficient security system for a lower installation cost.
in addition, this product offers you enterprise level entry management and employees' work hour management with its LAN communication-based network structure and enhanced server management program

Key Features

  • Capable of supporting various communication protocols, it can be used in numerous application areas.

  •  - TCP/IP : compatible with access manager(OPTION)
    - RS-485: Functions with your company’s custom controller
    - Wiegand
    ▷ In : Functions with card readers currently in use
    ▷ Out : Provides various portions of formats, User ID or Card ID output

  • Suitable for employees’ work hour management with the function keys provided

  •  - Provides four separate keys/ keys can be used in combination
    (starting work and finishing work, going out, returning to work, etc)

  • Enhanced user configuration feature (ID digits, sensor option, operation mode, etc)

  • Enhanced User Convenience

  •  - Auto-on
    - Provides Shortcut ID / Group Matching Feature
    - LCD : 2 line graphic LCD (supports various languages)
    - LED : Status LED 2 each, Authentication result LED 1 each
    - Voice Guide : Voice Output

  • Supports various authentication media, making it possible to configure as required by different security methods.

  • - Fingerprint/Password/RF card (option: HID, MIFARE), combined use is possible

Biometrics Standalone Access Control

BioAccess is a compact standalone, low cost, fingerprint recognition based Time Recorder and Access controller. It is suitable for small and medium office, factory or site. BioAccess is ready to use, easy to install device. BioAccess can register, store, match fingerprints and save transaction log records in its memory. Log records can be later downloaded to computer for generating and printing reports. BioAccess allow you to attach external proximity reader for card integration and use TCP/IP converters to connect it you LAN network


  • Security with advanced fingerprint minutiae matching.
  • High-performance, maintenance-free optical
    fingerprint scanner.
  • Supports greasy, oily, wet, smeared and even stained
  • Fast and Perfect Authentication (less than 1 sec.)
    through excellent Algorithm.
  • Combines several authentication types (fingerprint, password, and Card).
  • Eliminates proxy punching.
  • Reduces administrative cost.
  • Optional Features
     :: EM lock. :: Battery backup. :: RS485 networking
Electromagnetic Strike Locks

Electric strikes come in many varieties. They can be 12 or 24 or even higher voltage and they may take AC or DC current and some even take both. ASC-F-S12 is a fail secure electric strike lock. The main feature of fail secure electric strike lock is that it stays locked even without power. The most common by far is a fail secure. When you need that buzzing sound you may have heard when being buzzed into an office that's the sound of AC current going through the electric strike. If you need this sound as a signal to push on the door when unlocking the strike then choose an AC electric strike and an AC power source or transformer. If you do not want or need this buzzing sound then choose a DC power source or transformer. The DC strike is almost completely silent when it releases except for a slight click sound. On average a DC electric strike will last longer than an AC electric strike.

  • Fit for all kind of anodic lock

  • Fail secure

  • Compact, lightweight and portable

  • Low noise

  • small body lock

  • With release mechanism & monitoring switch

  • Application for aluminum, steel wooden or brass door

  • 12 V DC power supply


  • Homes

  • Offices

  • Banks

  • Server Rooms

  • Companies

OTHER PRODUCTS Many more products relating to the Biometric solution are available in the market out of which Smart card India's range of solutions stand apart because of their quality and SUPERIORITY of their Products.

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